Here at Modern Wellness Counseling we tailor our online counseling services to your needs and here are some of the areas in which we focus in. Be sure to scroll below to see more of our specialties.

​If you find yourself experiencing disagreements with your partner or simply want to improve your relationship and communication, we can work with you to reach your full potential as a couple.  We believe that you and your partner can find the happiness and true intimacy you deserve.
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Check out my online relationship classes, which offers research based relationship skills you can implement in your relationship today and in the comfort of your own home.  
The Relationship Wellness Class can be completed as a premarital course.
There are additional and shorter classes that can be purchased individually.
These classes are not a substitute for therapy, nor will therapy be provided, but it does offer a step-by-step guide on the essential relationship skills taught to couples as a way to build and maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Do you ever feel stuck or overwhelmed as to where you should be in life? Perhaps you doubt yourself and are afraid of making the wrong choices.
In working with individuals, we focus on meeting your goals by providing a space that you can explore and gain a better understanding of who you are.
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Sometimes our schedules get too busy and we all know that city traffic can be awful! Or perhaps you live far from receiving services and can’t make the drive to come into town. In order to help individuals and couples get the the help they want,  all of our sessions are held virtually through a secured client-portal.