What you will learn in each module!

Each module is broken down into multiple short videos (3-10 minutes) that will teach you valuable relationship skills. Each module has a set of couple worksheets that you will download and complete together.

Module 1 – Introduction: Heart Brain Connection

  • How your body responds physiologically and how this impacts how you respond to your partner and others
  • How your relationship bond impacts your physical health
  • Discover how your emotions, thoughts, and actions impact how your relationship

Module 5 -Value – How kindness and respect can maintain healthy relationships

  • Learn a tool to implement when you need to focus on positive characteristics rather than the negative
  • Learn fun ways to daily let your partner know you appreciate him or her
  • Learn to speak each other’s love language
  • Understand the difference between positive and negative responses

Module 2 -Empower your relationship by empowering Yourself

  • Recognize stressors
  • Identify positive skills to manage stress
  • Identify strategies to improve different components of your health
    • Spirituality
    • Physical Activity
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
  • Sexual Intimacy and how to maintain passion
    • A strategy to communicate about sex and intimacy so you both enjoy sex
    • Intimacy vs. sex

Module 6 -Attach – Creating a couple identity that fosters friendship

  • Learn how to eliminate distractions and engage in more quality time
  • Create your couple identity
  • Why it’s important to nurture positive interactions
  • Learn what kind of messages are helpful and unhelpful when your partner needs to be supported
  • Learn what to say and what to do in order for you both to feel heard and understood
  • Understand how certain communication styles may impact how you connect

Module 3 -Lay the Foundation – Identify strategies that lay a strong foundation

  • Practical strategies to make your relationship a priority
  • Identify your strengths as a partner
  • Avoiding distractions from other people and setting healthy boundaries
  • Learn day-to-day actions that show you are committed and learn how to share this with each other

Module 7 -Tame – Managing differences and conflict

  • How to manage conflict
  • Know how you react in times of conflict
  • What you should not do during an argument
  • Know when and how to utilize a time out during an argument
  • Learn the essential rules to a time out
  • Know what to say when you return from a timeout by using a the 3 step formula
  • The tool you can use to avoid an argument from blowing up
  • What it means to ask for forgiveness and examples of what to say

Module 4 -Enlighten – Sharing intimate information with your partner

  • What does intimacy look like in your relationship
  • A tool and conversation starter to share intimate knowledge to maintain a stable relationship
  • A tool to set clear expectations for yourself and your relationship
  • Set clear expectations about money
    • How to manage money and set financial goals as a couple

Module 8 -Engage – Benefits of social support and building community ties

  • The importance of a support network
  • How to give back to your community
* Based on ELEVATE Curriculum from National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model