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You may be experiencing stress or anxiety in your life and have found that it is time for a change. By coming to therapy you are making time for yourself to feel empowered and strong. You will learn how to improve your boundaries, build your self-esteem, and regain balance in your life.

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Invest in Your Well Being

Dating and Relationships

Sometimes it is difficult to put yourself back out in the dating world. You may be anxious and and nervous to be rejected. Maybe you don’t feel like a good enough partner because of something you did in the past and need to learn how to let go. Or perhaps you have found yourself in the same type of relationships and hate that you continuously fall for the “same kind of person.”
Identifying what kind of relationship you want and being able to recognize a healthy relationship will help you find the loving relationship you deserve.

Improving Boundaries

You do it all for everyone and find it hard to say no to others! And at one point, helping others was rewarding. But you are now tired, feeling stressed, feeling like you are losing track of time, becoming forgetful, and maybe even becoming resentful. Whenever you think of investing some time and energy into yourself, you feel guilty and shameful. It’s difficult to say no to others because you are afraid of what others may think of you.
​Learning how to set healthy boundaries for yourself will improve your energy and mood around others. You will gain confidence and feel empowered.

Stress and Anxiety

You are a hard worker in your career and at home. But lately you have been tired and unmotivated. You know that this is not who you are because you were once motivated and full of life. Now you feel like the more and more you do to try to be happy, the more stressed out you are feeling but you are unsure why.
​Coming to therapy and learning skills on regaining balance in your life will allow you to feel calmer and more focused on what is important to you.


You have struggled your whole life to see yourself as beautiful, worthy, loved, and deserving. You know that this is possible but are unsure on the steps to improve your self-esteem, confidence, self-love, and self-image. Individual therapy can help identify negative self-talk that may be keeping you from reaching your goals of feeling good about yourself. Many times, we have to focus in on the false narratives that have kept us stuck and learn to create a positive and loving narrative about ourselves. Give us a call to get scheduled today.

Being a mom, wife, and full-time employee, I have felt drained and overwhelmed. Through therapy, I learned to catch negative thoughts that repeatedly brought me down and found ways to change this. While life can still be challenging, I feel confident and proud of myself to keep pushing through and no longer experience high levels of anxiety or stress because I now know how to manage this.


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