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Whether you have found that you and your partner have drifted apart, would like to improve your communication skills, or have found out about recent a affair, couples counseling is a place for you and your partner to re-connect and re-build your relationship.

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Communication Skills

It’s frustrating and defeating when you and your partner are unable to have an effective conversation. It easily leads to someone getting mad, shutting down, or leaving the room. It almost feels hopeless.

​Coming into therapy and learning how to express yourself when you are upset or angry will make all the difference when trying to have an effective conversation where you two can come to a resolution together.


You just found out your partner has been seeing someone else. You hope that you read the text or email that you found wrong. You find yourself losing control of what you are doing. You find yourself constantly searching your partner’s phone, questioning their every move, and feel like you are going crazy. Your partner tells you they are sorry and it was the first time, but you can’t believe them. It’s so hard to trust them because you have no idea how long you have been lied to. You cannot go back to how things were, well because that is what led you here. Therapy sessions will help you re-build the trust that has been broken and re-build your relationship’s foundation.

Sex and Intimacy

Passion in relationships comes and goes. For some it is difficult to maintain sexual intimacy after a change has occurred in your relationship. Many couples fall into a routine and can’t even pinpoint how they got here. Having different expectations from your partner of what sex should be like in your relationship, whether that is needing more sex or not wanting to have sex, may be causing more distance between the two of you.
While in therapy you and your partner will learn how to talk about your individual sexual needs and have a better understanding of what a healthy sexual relationship is like for your relationship.

Lack of Connection

You feel like you and your partner are no longer intimate lovers but have become roommates. You know how the argument will end so there is no point in putting in extra effort. When you try to reach out to your partner you fear being rejected or are afraid that they will not be able to meet your needs. You want your relationship to go back to how it used to be when you both felt in sync.
Taking the time to come to therapy will help you learn about ways to re-connect and be able to know that if you need your partner they will be there

Military Couples

You are proud to serve in the military and know that what you are doing is making a change in the world. But maybe you have seen that your relationship is slipping through your hands and are unsure how to regain control. All the deployments and new locations have continually stripped away your support systems and has forced you to recreate new relationships with new neighbors and communities. Maybe you or your spouse are back home from a deployment and are having trouble readjusting to your new lifestyle. Perhaps you are experiencing flashbacks and are unable to share these experiences with your spouse because you do not know how.
By giving your relationship the service it deserves, you and your partner will learn how to re-build your relationship in order to meet the expectations for this next transition.

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“I’m thankful that I learned how to understand myself and partner, so we can listen and validate each other. Before therapy, we had no idea how to do this.”