Your big day is coming up and you are super excited! As the days slowly tick on by you are experiencing yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the little details that are suddenly popping up. Here are 5 tips on how to handle the anxiety and stress that you may be experiencing while you plan your wedding.

Number one – Delegate

Let’s face it, you have a vision that you want to share with all your close loved ones. But you are only one person and I’m sure you have many other responsibilities that need your attention (i.e. a full-time job, cleaning, exercising, cooking, sleeping, etc.). The best way to keep your sanity is to have some people take over some wedding tasks. Ask your mom or dad, a friend, your maid of honor, your fiancé, your best man. This is just to name a few people but you get the point.

Number two – Let people know you’re feeling overwhelmed

Most brides don’t want to come across as being a bridezilla and will often hold in their stress. Just to let you in on a little secret, this pent-up stress will eventually come out and it’s best to be proactive about it and get some help. This is tied into delegating tasks. But sometimes you just need to vent to a girlfriend to keep your sanity.

Number three – Eat and Sleep

Some brides get too focused in on wanting to lose weight for their wedding (I was also guilty of this) that they sometimes do not eat full meals. Your body needs nutrients to handle stressful situations. In addition to eating full healthy meals, you must also sleep. Not sleeping enough can lead you to feel grumpy, tired, lethargic, which will only lead you to feel more stressed out and unable to manage anxiety effectively.

Number four – Do something not wedding related

How many hours do you think about your wedding on a daily or weekly basis? I’m sure it’s a lot! So, allow yourself to take a small break and take off the wedding planning hat to enjoy the present moment. Go for a bike ride, play with your fur baby, call your grandma, or watch your favorite movie.

Number 5 – Lean on your partner

You are planning a special day to celebrate the love you and your partner share with each other. Be sure to lean on your partner and let him or her in on how you are feeling. You two are a team already!

I hope these 5 tips help you feel at ease as one of the most exciting days is approaching! Congratulations on your big day and remember to continue to invest in your relationship!

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By: Priscilla Rodriguez, LMFT

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