These classes provide a deeper understanding of the modules that are presented in the Premarital Online Class – Relationship Wellness and focus on different topics.

Each module consists of downloadable couple worksheets and videos guiding you on learning and implementing different relationship skills.

​If you have purchased the Premarital Online Class Diamond Package, these courses are provided for FREE under the Bonus Section!

It is natural for any relationship to experience changes in their sexual intimacy. Knowing the skills and steps needed to maintain sexual intimacy and passion in your relationship is key, if this is a priority for you!
In this course, you will learn the 5 steps to ensure that your sexual intimacy is maintained throughout your relationship and how to increase intimacy before ever getting to the bedroom!

You will master how to give and receive love, so you both feel that your needs are being met in order to feel “in the mood” and feel an emotional connection. You will receive over 50 questions to help guide you in your conversation on discussing your sexual expectations.

This class guides you and your partner on setting goals together as a team.

While this module begins with thinking about your own goals first, it also provides a chance for you both to discuss goals you have for your relationship and family.

You will receive worksheets and a video guide on how to manage a sense of overwhelm for when you are working hard to reach your goals. You will also get conversation prompts and couple worksheets designed to help you organize your individual goals, where you both meet, what you two will accomplish together, and how you will support each other along the way.

This class can be taken at any time you and your partner are ready to make a change for yourself and your relationship!

This class focuses on building communication skills to navigate through difficult conversations.
Couples often come to me with wanting to learn how to handle arguments and disagreements and just want to get their partner to understand them.

In this class, you will learn how to express yourself, so you are heard, understood, and ensure that your partner “gets you.”

No more feeling like you are alone in a situation, repeating yourself over and over again, and wasting time because there is no end.

With these skills, you can still have those awkward and uncomfortable conversations, but still feel connected and respected. When you utilize these skills, there is an increase in intimacy, trust, and deeper connection. You no longer have to hide behind the uncomfortable feelings of doubt.

With the Diamond Premarital Package, couples have access to questions (The Questions You Must Answer Before Wedding Day). This list of questions are to help them prepare for their marriage.

Topics range from discussing finances, creating family boundaries, setting intimacy expectations, discussing personal preferences about cleanliness, health, and parenting.

This is only exclusive to the Diamond Premarital Package when a couple is having trouble completing a specific topic. With the package, they have access to specific modules that will help them through their conversation.

I have appreciated the practical tips that are in these courses to make our marriage better!

This self-esteem course focuses on the many ways to build yourself and confidence up, while learning to prioritize yourself and your happiness. The main goal of this course is to be able to let go of self-doubt and learn effective strategies to improve your self-esteem and confidence. These aspects of life are so important in navigating other relationships, or even the relationship you have with yourself. Taking the steps to improve these characteristics of yourself can help lead to much more success in other areas of life and open up the door to a much happier and confident lifestyle.

In this class, you will learn about self-esteem and self-compassion, how to take care of you, how to realize your worth and be confident in it, and so many more skills that can boost your confidence and self-esteem greatly.

The goal of this course is to ultimately better yourself, and there are many skills taught throughout this course that will help you get to where you desire to see yourself. Enroll in this course today, and see how doing things to better yourself can help you in so many other ways!