So, you’re about to tie the knot—congratulations!

While it’s important to love your partner, you’re about to commit to a forever partnership. You need to build a relationship that can stand the test of life beyond the glitz of the wedding altar.

Most of us think that love and commitment are enough on their own, but you want to be compatible with the person you choose as your life partner. You need to have important (and sometimes hard) conversations for planning for a relationship that will last the rest of your life.

This 8-day email course will help you:

  • Maneuver disagreements.
  • Ensure a long, healthy marriage.
  • Communicate better.
  • Understand your beliefs and values.
  • Know what your partner needs. ​
​Based on her experience counseling couples, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Priscilla Rodriguez compiled 8 must-have conversations every couple needs to have before tying the knot.

The 8 Day Conversation Guide touches on topics like:

Mental Health

Sexual and Emotional Intimacy

Social Media and Technology

Family Upbringing

Starting a Family

Money and Debt

If you feel anxious about any of these topics, that’s a sign you need to chat with your fiance!

If you haven’t had big conversations with your fiance yet, don’t worry. Each guide covers an important conversation and includes action items to facilitate the conversation.

What’s Included

For just $17, you’ll get the 8 Day Conversation Guide that includes:

1 topic guide in your inbox every day for 8 days. ​​

A new relationship topic every day, including an explanation of why that topic matters.

Actionable tips in every email, including examples, scripts, and conversation starters. ​​

Worksheets on every
topic to work through
with your fiancé. 

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Give yourself the gift of a healthy marriage: buy the 8 Day Conversation Guide for just $17
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​We are already in pretty good shape, but these strategies will definitely be useful as we grow in our relationship.