Happy New Year! The turn of a new year, new month, or even a new day, can bring a spark of new hope and motivation! As you are getting into the new year and planning on all the ways you will be a better you, I want to remind you of how you and your partner can set goals for your relationship!
Couples who take the time to share how they will support each other in individual goals and set goals for themselves as a couple, are more likely to experience a higher level of relationship satisfaction. Setting long term goals together also shares a sense of commitment and security in the relationship.

Plus, I should also add that you are much more likely to reach goals with other people (partner included) cheering you on. 

Here are some questions for you both to consider during your conversation:

  1. We are most thankful for _____ happening in 2019.
  2. We are will improve ____ in order to move past ____ that happened in 2019.
  3. We both learned ______ in 2019.
  4. We are looking forward to ____ in 2020 because this will mean ______.
  5. I will help you reach your goal of _____ because I know how important it is for you.
  6. We will prioritize _____ in order to increase our connection.
  7. We will show support to each other by doing _____.
  8. We will check in with each other every _____ to make sure the other person’s needs are being met.
  9. We will do ____ in order to reach our financial goals.
  10. We will take care of ourselves by doing _____. 
​​Remember that the way only way you will reach the goals you have set for yourselves above, is to have a plan of action to carry the goals out. 
​If you are serious of making these goals become a reality, I have a step by step online course designed for couples to reach their goals together. This online course has downloadable couple worksheets and a video for you both to follow along. The worksheets are designed for you both to see how you differ and overlap, so that you know how to provide the support your partner needs. This online course is called Two Souls One Goal. If you have access to the Relationship Wellness Course – Bundle, then this class is already included for FREE.

By: Priscilla Rodriguez, M.S., LMFT

I specialize in working with couples and individuals to restore their relationships by utilizing research-based therapy techniques. Feel free to look at the online services offered through Modern Wellness Counseling and check out the client portal to conveniently schedule your next appointment.

Priscilla Rodriguez, M.S., LMFT (she/her/hers)

Priscilla specializes in working with couples and individuals who want to strengthen their relationship with themselves and with others. Priscilla utilizes research based techniques to help clients implement healthy coping skills and communication skills. Learn more on how you can enhance your relationship today.

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