We all go through many seasons of life, facing many challenges and passions we enjoy pursuing. Although it may seem like some things in life are meant for you, some of the hobbies, careers, or even relationships we pursue can become not as exciting to pursue. This is called burnout and it is a very common feeling to experience. Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped or overwhelmed. This is a result of excessive or prolonged emotional, physical, or mental stress. Worried that you may be experiencing burnout and want to know how to cope with burnout? Let’s discuss the symptoms and how we can stop feeling burned out. 

What are the symptoms of burnout?

Burnout can be expressed in many different ways. Here are a few symptoms of burnout that may explain the feeling of exhaustion you could be experiencing in your daily life.

  • Sense of failure and self-doubt
  • Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated.
  • Detachment, feeling alone in the world.
  • Loss of motivation
  • Increasingly cynical and negative outlook
  • Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

While those are all emotional symptoms you may face, there are also many physical symptoms of burnout one may face as well.

  • Feeling tired or drained
  • Lowered immunity, frequent illnesses
  • Frequent headaches or muscle pain
  • Change in appetite or sleep habits

These symptoms can be very hard to cope with, especially with feelings you may have never experienced before. It is very common to ask “how can burnout affects me?” There are many ways burnout can influence behavioral tendencies and completely change one’s way of life. You may be withdrawing from responsibilities, isolating yourself from others or dealing with procrastination. In some experiences you may also resort to the use of drugs or alcohol to cope.

Burnout is very common, especially in our careers as we sometimes go through the same routine for years. It is almost impossible to not feel exhausted with the repetitiveness of our daily life. Just as we experience burnout in careers or hobbies, it is very possible to experience burnout in relationships as well. 

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What do I do if I feel burned out with my partner?

Feeling burned out is tough enough as an individual, but burnout can often spill over into our relationships, taking away the parts of life that make us feel best. We often turn to partners to feel good and loved, which are feelings every human needs. However, when we get burned out in our relationship, it can be difficult to find healthy ways to cope with emotions. While this is a very common thing to experience, especially with recent times, there are many things you can do to bring that spark back into your life, which is something that everyone needs.

If you think you may be experiencing burnout in any aspect of your life, it is important to try and introduce positive emotions back into your relationship with yourself or others. In your relationship, it is very important that both parties have agreed to work on the relationship and get rid of that burned out feeling. Without this, it can be very difficult to feel good again. You can start to develop rituals together such as going for an evening walk, eating breakfast together, and so many others. You can also create rituals for yourself such as going out with friends or reading a book. Creating rituals can create a sense of connection and stability, which are the best ways to cope with burnout. 

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Another great way to cope with burnout in relationships is keeping intimacy alive, and doing things for your partner in a way that shows you appreciate them. Intimacy is so important for a healthy relationship, so it can really help with burnout if you and your partner are ensuring you stay physically in touch. Whether it be hand holding, a hug, or however you choose to express love. There are many other ways you can show your appreciation for your partner as well. These can be the most simple gestures such as taking the time to listen to them, planning dates, or even just communicating with your partner how they make you feel. By going out of your way to prioritize your relationship and ensuring you are trying, you are reducing stress and rebuilding a bond and trust with your partner. This leads to more happiness within yourself and your relationship and ultimately takes away that burnout feeling.

Although some things in life feel more difficult than ever, especially in recent times, it is important to realize you will not feel burned out forever. It is natural for humans to be exhausted with the same routine or if we are not receiving what we are giving in relationships. However, taking steps to improve the parts of your life that matter most are so important and doable. You will be able to feel that spark of life again, as long as you believe it is possible and are actively trying to cope with your burnout. 
If you think you may be experiencing burnout and aren’t sure how to cope, start your therapy journey today! There are so many ways in which therapy can help you individually or in your relationships. Our therapists at Modern Wellness Counseling can help you by seeing you virtually for online counseling. You can call our office at (210) 706-0392 to schedule an appointment or visit our online booking system here.

By Priscilla Rodriguez, M.S., LMFT, Owner of Modern Wellness Counseling

Priscilla specializes in working with couples and individuals who have experienced issues with burnout, low self-esteem, and feeling helpless. Priscilla utilizes research based techniques to help clients implement healthy coping skills and communication skills. Learn more on how you can enhance your relationship today.

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