Whether your trauma occurred when you were a child, experienced recurring trauma throughout your life, or recently experienced a traumatic event, your body is likely to remember this experience. Unfortunately, many individuals have experienced trauma and have not felt safe or ready to address it. As a result, they can sometimes experience a negative turn in their relationships. 

Here are a few ways in which your past trauma may be impacting your current relationship from the perspective of a Couples Therapist at Modern Wellness

Battling Triggers As Part of the Healing Process

It is normal for trauma survivors to experience triggers as part of the healing process. In order to manage these triggers, individual trauma therapy can be helpful. However, if gone untreated, these triggers become a constant physical and emotional reminder of the traumatic experience. Experiencing triggers can arise in your couple’s relationship. Which unfortunately can lead to re-traumatization, especially if your partner is unaware of the trauma or does not know how to help. 

Triggers Remind You of the Traumatic Experience

A trigger is an experience that may remind you of the traumatic experience and can be challenging to control. Triggers can include all of your senses. For example, a smell, sound, visualization or even thoughts about the traumatic experience. The result of experiencing a trigger can lead to a physical response (i.e. feeling tense, breathing fast, upset stomach). Or emotional shift (i.e. anger, sadness, worry). Even a change in cognitive thought (i.e. thoughts related to not feeling safe or thinking the worse outcome). If you are having trouble identifying and managing triggers, our online therapist can help you overcome your trauma by beginning trauma therapy. 

Young man sitting in the foreground while his partner sits in the background representing the difficulty with trust that unresolved trauma can cause. Overcome trauma with Trauma Therapy in San Antonio, TX.

Difficulty Trusting Others Due To Past Trauma

If you have experienced some past trauma, you have noticed that it can be difficult to trust others. This can include your partner. Which makes it challenging to create and experience a close and safe relationship. There is a high probability that you and your partner may be experiencing some distance. Maybe you are even having trouble connecting. Especially in times when a vulnerability is needed.

Trust Issues With Couples

Trust issues within couples can come up in many forms. It may manifest as the fear that your partner will leave you or cheat on you. There can also be thoughts related to feeling that you are not enough or not deserving of the relationship. This may lead to self-sabotage behaviors of pushing your partner away when they are trying to form a connection with you. 

Difficulty Trusting Yourself

Trust issues can also present themselves if you are having trouble trusting yourself and your own decisions. You may find yourself questioning your decisions out of fear that you may end up in yet another traumatic situation. This sense of self-blame and shame can be really frustrating when trying to be optimistic; however, this underlying emotion and thought get in the way. 

Working With an Online Trauma Therapist Can Help You Develop Trust

This internal battle of trusting your partner, trusting yourself, and accepting your sense of worth, is something that is affected by untreated past trauma. Reaching out to an online therapist for trauma therapy can be helpful in overcoming this for yourself and in your relationship. 

African American couple sitting on their couch talking to each other representing the improved communication that can come through Trauma Therapy in San Antonio, TX.

Lack of communication

Unresolved past trauma can lead to communication difficulties within a relationship. This can make it challenging for you and your partner to understand and support each other. Communication is one of the top reasons couples begin online couples counseling. And when there is past trauma, there are multiple blocks that have to be tackled. 

Untreated Trauma’s Impact

As mentioned before, trust can be impacted by untreated trauma, which can impact your feeling comfortable with communicating vulnerable emotions and/or expressing your needs. 

Online Trauma Therapy Can Improve Relationship Skills

Many couples who begin couples counseling often want to improve their communication skills and sometimes may not know what is getting in the way of understanding each other. Working through some past traumatic wounds and experiences can be beneficial to overcoming blocks, identifying needs, and feeling safe and secure to express yourself.

Emotional roller straining your relationship

Emotional regulation is something that is impacted when you have experienced past trauma. If you have not taken time to process your individual past trauma, you may experience sudden outbursts of anger, hypervigilance, anxiety, and depression. Even stressful situations can be terrifying in that you may experience a negative mental spiral where it can be easy to catastrophize situations and events. 

Learn How to Self-Regulate with Trauma Therapy

Finding it challenging to regulate your emotions can put a strain on your relationship. Individual trauma therapy can help you learn how to identify triggers and practice a variety of self-regulating techniques. In couples therapy, licensed therapists also help couples understand the importance of implementing self-regulating behaviors while communicating. 

Couple laying on their bed embracing happily representing the healing that can be achieved by processing unresolved trauma in Online Therapy for Trauma in San Antonio, TX.

Intimacy problems: 

Depending on the kind of past trauma, if you have experienced a traumatic event, you may have noticed a shift in your sexual functioning or may have trouble connecting emotionally with yourself and your partner, which can affect overall intimacy in your relationship. This is a normal response if you have experienced trauma, as your body is responding in a way to keep you safe and comfortable. 

Past Trauma Can Impact Your Ability to be Intimate with Your Partner

When in romantic relationships, intimacy is an important part of maintaining connection and is a part that can suffer if trauma is not addressed. The way this happens is that if the previous aspects of a relationship are hindered (i.e., lack of trust, lack of communication, unable to emotionally regulate), then of course, intimacy will be impacted. 

When taking time to address past traumatic events, you may notice a shift in feeling confident in yourself, trusting others, and being able to comfortably be close to others as well, which in turn can positively impact your intimacy with yourself and your partner. 

Closing Thoughts From a Trauma Therapist

It is important for couples to be aware of these potential impacts and seek support from a therapist to help address and overcome these challenges in their relationship. Beginning individual trauma therapy can be a great way to start the process. 

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