Have you been enjoying your time at home during the COVID-19 quarantine with your partner but maybe feeling tired of binging Netflix? Here are some fun connect with your partner during a quarantine and deepen your relationship while you are both spending more time from home. Be sure to check out my previous blog about working from home with your spouse.

​Activities to do together at home:

Here are some projects and activities to think about:

​Home Projects

  • Do you and your partner have a home project that you have not had enough time to get around too? If so, now is the time to tackle that project together. Completing a project together is a great way to work on your communication skills and a way to work together as a team.
  • Be sure to order supplies needed for your projects online to get delivered to your home.
    • Painting your home
      • Give your bathroom, office, bedroom, a fun new splash of color. You can easily order paint and painting supplies online!
    • Work on the yard or garden

Modern Wellness Counseling Texas Ways to Connect with your Partner during a Quarantine Do Activities Together


Tapping into your creativity

  • Cook a creative meal together
    • Pair it with a fun cocktail
  • Have your own “Painting with a Twist” at home
  • Have a dance party in your living your room
    • Turn up your favorite music from when you first met
  • Have a karaoke party
    • You can find any song with the lyrics on YouTube

Remember to keep moving

  • Go for a run or walk together
  • Try doing a yoga session
  • Take turns in being “responsible” in what workout you will try


  • Take a bath together
  • Give each other a massage

Modern Wellness Counseling Texas Ways to Connect with your Partner during a Quarantine Relaxation

Sexual intimacy

  • Explore some new sex positions or ones you haven’t tried in a while
  • Take your time with foreplay
  • Ask each other questions related to intimacy and learn what you both enjoying now


  • Create a gratitude board that you can reflect on daily
    • This can also help alleviate any stress you may be experiencing
    • Gratitude can also help in having a positive outlook in life, which can be calming during a time like this
  • Engage in a couple meditation together
  • Tell your partner what they are doing well
  • Share your personal goals and how your partner can support you

Modern Wellness Counseling Texas Ways to Connect with your Partner during a Quarantine Reflection

Maybe not so fun things to do but things you may have been avoiding

Some of these activities may not be so fun and for some people, may cause a little more stress, but if you have the time to sit down together and have some difficult conversations, it’s a way to deepen your emotional intimacy because you are being more vulnerable than usual, which in turn can increase your connection with each other.

  • Talk about your finances
    • Express any concerns or worries you may currently have
    • Share your financial goals
  • Have you learned some new pet peeves by staying at home together?
    • Have a check in on what you are learning about yourself and find ways to come to an agreement
  • Did you have to put something on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Share how you are feeling about it.
  • These are opportunities to listen to understand and to practice empathy and validation!

If you are having trouble with the “difficult conversations” or are thinking to yourself “yeah, there is no way this would work,” be sure to check out my Handling Difficult Conversations mini-course that will guide you step-by-step on how to have these conversations.

Find ways to be creative at home and let me know what you are enjoying

By Priscilla Rodriguez, M.S., LMFT

Priscilla specializes in working with couples and helping them learn ways to communicate in order for them to feel comfortable and supported during tough conversations. Priscilla understands that transitions can lead to stress and it is in these moments that strategic relationship skills are needed to implement. If you would like to learn some of these step-by-step relationship skills, you may check out the different online relationship courses that will guide you through developing these skills.

Want to say “thank you”?

Priscilla Rodriguez, M.S., LMFT (she/her/hers)

Priscilla specializes in working with couples and individuals who want to strengthen their relationship with themselves and with others. Priscilla utilizes research based techniques to help clients implement healthy coping skills and communication skills. Learn more on how you can enhance your relationship today.Priscilla is the owner and founder of Modern Wellness Counseling and is passionate about helping people learn how to implement healthy relationship skills and learn how to take care of their mental wellbeing.

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